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About The NEW 2019 Songbook...
We are committed to being 100% compliant to using legal karaoke song tracks. Karaoke piracy is a huge problem within our industry and, since there are so many song manufacturers with different rules and compliance guidelines, it is left to the individual karaoke companies to be responsible for their song libraries. There is no independent agency that can certify the legitimacy of any karaoke song library so, Sharp Karaoke will never knowingly or deliberately use pirated music, files downloaded from youtube or any source other than what we bring from our disc library and legally purchased downloads so as not to endanger any venue or our business. 

Our Karaoke song selections are comprised of tracks from KJ Media Pro (a download music service), download music purchases through, Sunfly, DK disc library, SGB disk library, Legends, Music Maestro and more. All my discs are utilized on a 1 to 1 ratio (1 track, 1 copy to MP3+G digital format). 

There are two ways to use the new songbook. Click on the below link and you can view the songbook with it's complete listings here.
                              Karaoke songbook

Or, you may view and search the new songbook on the mobile app that will be replacing our printed songbooks at our shows.
Available for your iphone or Android device. 

Thousands of legal karaoke song tracks to choose from.

Rock, Country,
Metal, Rap, R&B, Oldies, Broadway Hits, Movie Hits, TV Themes, 
Duets, Gospel, Hymns and much, much more!

Get the app today - come out and use it tonight!
It's a well established fact that over 90% of working karaoke companies are in business illegally due to how inexpensive a karaoke song library can be when tracks are downloaded from file sharing websites or buying them from a karaoke person "they know". They put their business and that of a venue in the hands of fate hoping that they don't get caught at every performance. Some do get caught, some don't. 

If you are a singer - this hardly effects you. If you are a venue owner - ignorance of your karaoke companies' illegal activities will not save you in court. The fines can be astronomical. If you are a karaoke company - your days at that venue are numbered and, you may be out of business with a liability of a huge fine hanging over your head as well as the ill will of the owner of the venue you were caught at. Chances are that venue won't hire a legal karaoke person - ever.

Karaoke Piracy effects everyone.