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Sharp Karaoke Entertainment

We Bring The Party To You - Where YOU Become The STAR.

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We Are A Mobile Karaoke / DJ Service

THE Masters of Karaoke Parties
of ALL Kinds!
(Fire Permits NOT included).

Serving the Chicagoland region for nearly 30 years.

We specialize in karaoke entertainment for parties and venues of all sizes.

We are currently accepting 2023 Bookings!

We do shows for:

· Corporate Parties & Events

· Fundraisers

· Summer Festivals - Outdoor Events     · Family or Class Re-unions    

· Teen Events    

· Birthday Parties for all ages   

· Holiday Parties...and more!

For more information you can email us through the "Services" portal, below.

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Our Karaoke Services

This is a brief overview and introduction of what we do for our patrons and our venues. Clicking on the button at the bottom of each block will take you to an expanded information page related to that block. The contact button anywhere on this site will hook you up with a blank email where you can address specific questions or concerns. For additional flavor, consider adding a photo or an icon to your section.

All types of Karaoke Parties!

If your company, a friend, relative, the neighbor wants to have a backyard party, block party or any other kind of karaoke event - Contact  Me! 

Birthday parties for all ages, fundraisers, festivals, campgrounds, or anything else you can think of! We also do theme parties - hippie parties, disco nights, Holiday themes...just use your imagination!

Currently I’m offering -

Karaoke party pkgs. starting at $350

*That's 3 hours of performance time!

Additional time = $ 125 per hour

Starting karaoke pkg. includes 4 Cam light bar, 2-tv monitors and, with outdoor events, I include a 10x10 tent - FREE!

Limited dates are still available! Call or email TODAY!

For more - click on the "parties" button where you will find more information or you can email me so I can address the specific needs and pricing of your event.

Lounges / Venues: Weekly, bi-weekly or Monthly Shows and pricing are based on individual factors - call or email for more information and quotes!

Sign-up for different kind of event!

V.I.P. Karaoke - for Singers

This is a whole new karaoke experience for karaoke singers in 2023.

This was created for those who want to sing more often. Simply stated - it sucks getting pushed out of the rotation by more and more singers being added to the rotation on a busy bar night! We've eliminated that issue, too.

This event will only be held once a month. Only a total of 12 karaoke singers will be allowed to pre-register for each of the 4 nights. There is a $20 registration fee for each singer. Once we have all the pre-registered participants everyone will be contacted of the date, time, venue and location of the event.

Did I mention that there will also be prizes and giveaways? Find out more here...

Become A V.I.P. Location!

V.I.P. Karaoke - for YOUR Venue

I will provide one night of Karaoke and a small crowd to your location FREE! That's right!  You don't pay me a dime.

V.I.P. Karaoke has been designed to bring a crowd to the venue without the worry of IF "the regulars" show up. We have taken the guesswork out of the hands of the venue. Let us help you make a slow night to one where the cash register rings!

All I need is a location where the participants can purchase food, drinks and to have a safe & fun evening. 

The venue provides prizes, specials & promo gifts from their distributors.

Book one of your slow nights and make it a busy one! Let me show you how!

Coming soon!

Sharp Karaoke Store

This portion of our new website is still under construction but, when it's complete, you'll find an incredible selection of karaoke equipment for the home or the professional. Karaoke CD+G discs as well as karaoke downloads. A one stop shop!

Coming soon!

Karaoke Is All About The Singers
AND The Venues We Serve

If you're wanting a private party - GREAT! It will be an event to remember!

Please fill out the contact form and Robert Klein will contact you as soon as possible to determine your needs and create an event that fits your budget.

If you would like to attend one of our venue events - please, support the venue (or we may not be there long...). The venue is in business to turn a profit. Please do your share - have a cocktail. Order a delicious meal.

Have fun and meet some new old friends!

To book your special event - fill out a contact form and Robert will contact you. To attend our weekly show - Just get there!

To sign-up for one of the NEW V.I.P. Karaoke events - fill out the reservation, pay the party fee and get there!

  • VENUE OWNERS - If you would like to be one of our V.I.P. Karaoke locations - we would love to have you! Fill out a contact form and Robert will, most certainly, get back to you! Explore the possibilities and contact us with with any questions.


Yes! We do bar / lounge locations!

(You Never Know Who Will Be The Host)

Like most karaoke hosts today, karaoke is a part-time endeavor but it's our full-time passion.

After nearly 30 years hosting karaoke shows and parties, I still enjoy the fun and smiles we put on peoples faces.

Come and get YOUR karaoke on!


Let's bring the house down!

Family Party, Corporate Party, Kids Parties, matter the type of event - we'll make it something special!

And keep your eye out for special announcements! We do senior parties, parties for special needs groups and our favorite program for kids - "Literacy through Karaoke".

Building confidence.

Meeting new friends.


A treat for singers & a boon for venues!

karaoke vs covid V2.jpg

We Have To Play Safe - TOGETHER!

Please get in touch to learn more about how we can make your karaoke event a howling success!

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If you have any questions or comments about any of our acts or want to make a booking, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Remember - we serve the Chicagoland, suburbs and parts of Northeast Illinois.

Sharp Karaoke / Robert Klein
P.O. Box 25095
Chicago, IL 60625


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