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V.I.P. Karaoke

V.I.P. Karaoke is a new event night we created for those who want to sing more often without being limited by more and more people being added to the rotation of a busy bar night.

V.I.P. Karaoke Night , only 15 singers will be allowed in the rotation the entire night. Twelve of these singers will have pre-registered online prior to the event. There is a $20 non-refundable fee for that singers registration/slot. (It's first come - first registered! Don't procrastinate!).

These twelve are guaranteed to sing once each hour for the duration of the show. Three people from the crowd in attendance will be chosen to sing by a raffle drawing from ticket sales each hour thereby filling the three open singer slots that remain. Only one raffel ticket per person and only 9 raffle tickets will be sold each hour to fill the three singer slots per hour. Raffle tickets will be sold at $5 each.

Secondly, a new and exciting location for each V.I.P. night they will be announced one week prior to the event date through our emailed newsletter and on the website. Become a member and get timely notifications - it's highly encouraged!

The V.I.P. night  will be held on either a Friday or Saturday night depending upon the venue available. *No venue will be scheduled if there are less than the minimum of 12 pre-registered participants. Less than 12 participants - their registrations will roll over to the next month automatically. 

More information to be announced soon!

*non-refundable: you don’t show for any reason at the scheduled date - sorry. Not transferable to other dates.

Automatic registration to a following month if rescheduled due to less than minimum participants.

25% of ALL raffle ticket sales will be donated to Little City of Palatine.

This is a living facility for children and adults with Autism. Help a great cause!

V.I.P. Karaoke - for Singers: List
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