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V.I.P. Karaoke Venue

In exchange for providing a place for the event, your venue gets a group of people (minimum of 12 and, their guests) for 4 hours at no charge. The venue gets a built-in crowd that will be buying drinks and possibly food, if available.

In addition, the venue would provide incentives such as drink specials promotional prizes, and a couple of $25 gift cards. The promotional prizes can be items you get from your distributors – have them help you out! We want all participants leaving feeling like winners! In addition, distributors often provide promotional items - discounted drink specials and banners for venues. Have them do a promo special to coincide with V.I.P. Karaoke Night!

You will be exposing your venue to new and possible repeat patrons. Word WILL get around.

We host a paid event that is fun for all and enhances the visibility of our services as well.

Everybody wins.

V.I.P. Karaoke Venue: List
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